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Advanced Facilities

GLOBAL BOARD APP: –  Global board is a free app to express and follow your interest.  To Download Click Here

User can create multiple boards to make global announcements at no extra cost with unlimited followers and follow other board of their interest in the same app.

The board can be either Public or Private. Public board can be followed by unlimited followers. Private board can only be followed by selected users chosen by board owner.

Board owner can optionally set board profile to share more of their details with followers, can delegate posting rights and even transfer board ownership to other user if required.

Boards can be followed by using board ID or QR code without reveling identity as followers are completely anonymous to board owners.

It is very simple and easy to announce/share information by sending any kind of text, images and other media/non-media files like videos, PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT, APK, ZIP etc.

Follower can rate announcement using structured feedback options, summary of which is visible to board owner only.

Easy Edmin App:   This app is designed to work with EasyEdmin ERP running in your local network. To download Click Here