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Poster Making Competition

Poster Making Competition

To enhance knowledge in Mathematics

Report of Poster Making Competition

Date of Event-

12th January 2019. Poster making competition was held to enhance their knowledge in Mathematics.

Students prepared the posters from the topic mentioned below.

Topics of poster making       :

1.       Indian Mathematics

2.         Mathematics for Life

3.         Applications of Mathematics

Classes involved        :  F. Y. CS, S. Y. CS

No. of participants     :12

Report :          

If we look at the list of Indian Mathematics,  we cansee howthey have madea number of contributions to Mathematics that havesignificantly influenced sciences and Mathematics in the Modern Era. The students who choose thistopic had simple amount of Literature at their hand for theirposters. They all concern topic for which we need Mathematics for life - A kind of math’s that looks quite different from most of the math’s that we learn in school. Mathematics for life participants preparing posters on this topichad presented something new and thoughtful provoking ideas. Application for mathematics participants preparing posters on this topic had presented how Arithmetic crops up a lot in daily life.

Results :                                  

First Prize                   – Utsav Savani                        S.Y.C

Second Prize               – Harshil Gandhi                      F.Y.CS