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Mr.Jay Babulal Bergi

M.Sc(MicroBiology),NET(Life Science), PH.D.
Head Of Department


Biotechnology in one form or other has flourished since prehistoric times. When the first human beings realized that they could plant crops, breed their own animals and convert milk into cheese or yogurt they learned to use biotechnology. Biotechnology is a research oriented applied science, a combination of Biology and Technology. It is based on the applications of sound fundamental knowledge of wide variety of subjects like Zoology, Botany, Genetics, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Immunology, Virology, Chemistry and Engineering. It contributes to the areas like Pharmaceutical Production, Health and Medicine, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, Environment quality, Pollution management, Seed Technology, etc. Biotechnology is the use of living things, especially cells and bacteria in industrial process. There is a great scope in this field as the demands for biotechnologist are growing in India as well as abroad. Considering this growing significance of this subject Sarvajanik Education Society started an integrated M.Sc. course in biotechnology. Department of biotechnology established at RKI in 2008.   M.Sc. Biotechnology program is a 5 years B.Sc. + M.Sc. integrated program after 12th Science. Students can leave the program after three years while securing B.Sc. degree. Students passing B.Sc. degree in Biotechnology, Microbiology and Biochemistry can join M.Sc. program from Semester 7.

Outstanding Features:

  • Highly qualified, efficient, experienced and multi-talented teaching and technical staff
  • Advanced laboratories with high-end imported instruments
  • Excellent collection of books, e-resources in library
  • State of art infrastructure support with Wi-Fi enabled campus

Department Faculty

Photo Name Designation Qualification Specialization Experience years
Dr. Nehal Dilipbhai Shah Asst. Professor M.Sc (BioScience), B.ed, M.Phil (Animal Science),Ph.D(Zoology) Biotechnology 10
Ms. Datasha Kantilal Kanthariya Asst. Professor MSc.,(Industry Biotech.) NET (Life Science) Biotechnology 10
Dr. Darshan Sunilbhai Marjadi Asst. Professor M.Sc. (Biotechnology), B.Ed. ,Ph D.(Enviornmental Science) Biotechnology 15
Dr. Deepesh Harish Bhatt Asst. Professor M.Sc.(Biotechnology) , NET(Aggriculture Biotech.),PH.D.(Biotechnology) Biotechnology 9
Ms. Reena Desai Lab Asst. M.Sc.(Microbiology) Biotechnology 14
Ms. Trupti Desai Lab Asst. B.Sc.(Microbiology), D.M.L.T. Biotechnology 10
First Year (Sem-I)
Sr. No Paper No. Title Syllabus
1 Core I, Biotechnology Introduction to Biotechnology Biotechnology-I
Cell Biology
2 Core II, Microbiology Fundamentals of Microbiology  Microbiology-I
Cell Structure and Function in Bacteria
3 Core III, Zoology Zoology I  Zoology-I
Zoology II
4 Foundation Compulsory Language through Literature (English) English-I
5 Elective Environmental Studies I Environment-I

First Year (Sem-II)
Sr. No Paper No. Title Syllabus
1 Core I , Biotechnology Basic Biochemistry Biotechnology-II
Fundamentals of Genetics
2 Core II, Microbiology Microbial Growth and Cultivation Microbiology-II
Chemistry of Microorganisms
3 Core III, Zoology Zoology I Zoology-II
Zoology II
4 Foundation Compulsory Language through Literature (English) English-II
5 Elective Environmental Studies II Environment-II

Second Year (Sem-III)
Sr. No Paper No. Title Syllabus
1 Core I , Biotechnology Instrumentation and Techniques I Biotechnology=III
Basics of Eukaryotic Physiology
Fundamentals of Immunology
2 Core II, Microbiology Control of Microorganisms Microbiology-III
Bioenergetics and Enzymology
3 Foundation Compulsory Written and Spoken Communication (English) English-III
4 Elective Marine Sciences I Marine Science-I

Second Year (Sem-IV)
Sr. No Paper No. Title Syllabus
1 Core I , Biotechnology Fundamentals of Mycology Biotechnology-IV
Fundamentals of Immunology
Introduction to Molecular Biology-I
2 Core II, Microbiology Taxonomy of Prokarytoes Microbiology-IV
Taxonomy of Eukaryotic Microorganisms and Vectors
Microbial Ecology
4 Foundation Compulsory Written and Spoken Communication (English) English-IV
5 Elective Marine Sciences II Marine Science-II

Third Year (Sem-V)
Sr. No Paper No. Title Syllabus
1 Core I , Biotechnology Introduction to Computers and Bioinformatics Biotechnology-V
Introduction to Virology
Introduction to Nanobiotechnology
Fundamentals of Mycology
Genetic Engineering
Bioethics and Biosafety
2 Foundation Compulsory Language Through Literature (English) English V
3 Elective Dairy Technology Dairy Technology

Third Year (Sem-VI)
Sr. No Paper No. Title Syllabus
1 Core I , Biotechnology Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Biotechnology-VI
Microbial Biotechnology
Environmental Biotechnology
Plant Biotechnology
Animal Biotechnology
2 Foundation Compulsory Language Through Literature (English) English VI
3 Elective Food Technology Food Technology
Fourth Year (Sem-VII)   
Sr. No Paper No. Title Syllabus
1 BT 1001 Bioprocess Technology I Biotechnology Sem VII
2 BT 1002 Enzyme Technology
3 BT 1003 Biotechnology of Extremophiles
4 BT 1004 Cell and Tissue Culture Technology-I
5 BTP 1005 Enzyme and Bioprocess Technology Practicals
6 BTP 1006 Cell Culture Technology Practicals

Fourth Year (Sem-VIII)
Sr. No Paper No. Title Syllabus
1 BT 2001 Bioprocess Technology II Biotechnology Sem VIII
2 BT 2002 Genomics and Proteomics
3 BT 2003 Aquaculture Technology
4 BT 2004 Agriculture Biotechnology
5 BTP 2005 Practical: Genomics and Bioprocess Technology
6 BTP 2006 Practical: Agriculture Biotechnology & Aquaculture Technology

Fifth Year (Sem-IX)
Sr. No Paper No. Title Syllabus
1 BT 3001 Advances in Bioinformatics Biotechnology Sem IX
2 BT 3002 Advances in Molecular Biology
3 BT 3003 Biotechnology Entrepreneurship Development
4 BT 3004 Cell and Tissue Culture Technology-II
5 BTP 3005 Practicals: Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology
6 BTP 3006 Practicals: Cell Culture Technology-II


Fifth Year (Sem-X)
A. Research Based:
Sr. No Paper No. Title Syllabus
1 BT:R-4001 Seminar Presentation Biotechnology Sem X
2 BT:R-4002 Review of Research Publications
3 BT:R-4003 Research Poster Presentation
4 BT:R-4004 Dissertation (Plant/Animal/Microbial Biotechnology)
B. Skill Based:    
1 BT:S-4001 Essential Skills for Biopharmaceutical Industry
2 BT:S-4002 Essential Skills for Bio-services and Bio-Agri Industries
3 BT:S-4003 Essential Skills for Clinical Laboratories
4 BT:S-4004 Skill Enhancement Laboratory Work



Each laboratory of biotechnology department enriched with advanced instruments and is able to support regular experiments, dissertation work as well as high-end research. Sophisticated instruments needed for experiments and research are accessible in central instrumentation facility of the college. Students are given precious opportunity of hands-on use of all these instruments.

Department has three dedicated state of the art laboratories for following subjects.

Lab-1 Microbial Biotechnology

(To study production of pharmaceutical and other industrial compounds at laboratory level.)

Lab 2 – Plant Tissue Culture

(To study artificial cultivation of improved plants from various tissue implants.)

Lab 3 – Animal Cell Culture

(Cultivation of animal cells in laboratory for studies of genetic, toxicology and cancer formation, diagnosis and treatment of various diseases.)

Department uses four other laboratories for following subjects on sharing basis with allied departments of the same institute.

  • · Bioinformatics (To study biological research data generation, storage and manipulation)
  • · Microbiology (To develop essential skills for applied microbiology)
  • · Biochemistry (To study chemical aspects of living organisms and skills to manipulate it)
  • · Botany and Zoology (To develop essential skills for applied botany and zoology)

Faculties of department are actively inclined towards research. Faculties have submitted 8 research proposals to various government grant agencies.Out of this one Major Research Project is already been approved and granted. Two faculties of department are actively supervising research students for M.Phil. degree. All the faculties have participated in workshops, seminars and conferences at regular basis. Two of the faculties have presented their research work at international level in countries like USA, Norway and China. College has subscribed for good quality international research journals including the best in subject ‘Nature Biotechnology’. Institute is the member of INFLIBINET scheme for availing online research articles.


Student Strength

Category Biotechnology
B.Sc. Sem-2 B.Sc. Sem-4 B.Sc. Sem-6 M.Sc. Sem-2 M.Sc. Sem-4
M F Total M F Total M F Total M F Total M F Total
SC 0 1 1 1 0 1 0 3 3 1 1 2 1 1 2
ST 0 3 3 3 2 5 0 2 2 0 2 2 0 1 1
SEBC 3 7 10 4 10 14 6 14 20 2 3 5 2 10 12
EWS 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Minority 2 2 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
PH 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
OPEN 17 28 45 12 26 38 4 33 37 4 19 23 4 27 31
Total 22 41 63 20 38 58 10 52 62 7 25 32 7 39 46